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6 Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Repairs

Refrigerator Door

Your refrigerator plays a vital role in your household by keeping food at the appropriate temperatures until it is ready to be cooked. While refrigerators can last for many years with proper care, you should also be aware of these warning signs that it may be time to arrange for repairs.

1. Receiving Higher Utility Bills

The efficiency of the appliances in your house affects your utility bills. Often, older model appliances draw more power, and this can cause your bills to stay relatively high until you replace the refrigerator.

However, you should be concerned if you notice a sudden change in your utility bills, especially if you already own an energy-efficient refrigerator. When this happens, it could be a sign that your refrigerator is working harder than normal to maintain the proper temperature.

Since the underlying cause of a refrigerator going into overdrive can range from a broken thermostat to a clog in the system, it is best to arrange for a professional appliance inspection to determine what is causing the problem.

2. Seeing Condensation Inside

Refrigerators can sometimes develop condensation on the exterior doors and walls during humid weather. However, condensation that forms inside could be a sign that there is a problem with temperature regulation. The gasket seal around the door could also be broken and need replacement.

3. Finding Water Leaks

Water should never leak from your refrigerator, and a leak that goes unnoticed for some time can damage critical components as well as your home. Typically, you will notice a water leak coming from either the bottom of your refrigerator or inside. The location of the leak is often a strong indicator of what is wrong.

An overflowing drain pan causes water to begin to come out from underneath your refrigerator. When everything is working right, a small amount of water collects in the drain pan and evaporates before it overflows. However, a broken condenser fan could stop the water from drying fast enough, or the pan could be cracked.

A damaged or loose hose that runs to the appliance may also cause water leaks that occur outside of the refrigerator. You may also trace leaks to their source. For instance, a leak that occurs near the water filter may indicate that it is not installed properly or in need of being changed.

Water leaks that occur inside of your refrigerator are also a reason to seek immediate professional repair services. Often, blocked freezer vents that cause ice to build up in the appliance cause these leaks, or the unit may have a clogged drain plug.

4. Hearing Excessive Noise

Refrigerators are not completely silent, but you should not hear anything more than the usual hum as it operates. You should suspect a problem if you hear noises such as screeches, knocks, or squeals. When this happens, it usually means that a component such as a fan is going out, which affects the entire unit.

5. Discovering Food Spoils Faster

Problems with a refrigerator's temperature regulation sometimes begin slow enough that you might not notice a mild drop on the thermometer. However, temperatures that are warmer than usual cause food to spoil faster. If this happens, check the temperature controls and call for repairs if they are not working properly.

6. Struggling to Close the Door Properly

The gasket that seals the refrigerator door is susceptible to wear over time. Once it cracks or breaks, then the door will not fully close. You can check for a broken seal by holding a dollar where the rubber makes contact as you shut the door. If the dollar does not give resistance when you pull it, then the seal needs to be replaced.

At Mountain Vista Appliance, we recommend annual inspections of your refrigerator to identify problems before they turn into a need for replacement. Give us a call today to keep your refrigerator running at peak efficiency.