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Why Your Washing Machine Doesn't Rinse Clothes Effectively

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Are your clothes sticky, soapy, and soaking wet when you take them out of the washing machine? If they are, your washing machine isn't rinsing properly. Before investing in a new appliance, take a look at the possible reasons why your washer isn't rinsing properly and what you can do about it.
Clogged Drain Hose
The drain hose is exactly what you'd think by the name - it's a hose that drains the water from your washing machine. The drain pump pushes dirty water into the hose, which then carries the water out into a utility sink or pipe.
Debris or lint can clog the hose, resulting in dirty or sudsy water being pushed back into your machine. This type of malfunction is easy to spot while watching the rinse cycle. If you don't see water coming out of the drain hose (or can't hear it), you have a problem.
While a clog is typically easy to remove, the drainage problem has another possible cause. But a novice appliance repair DIYer won't have the expertise or equipment to adequately diagnose and repair many other problems. You'll need a professional appliance service technician to assess the drain hose and make sure it isn't another issue.
Damaged Drain Pump
If the hose isn't the problem, what else could cause your washing machine to drain and rinse poorly (or not at all)? Again, the drain pump pushes the used, dirty water from the machine into the hose. Mechanical failure or a clog within the pump itself can also stop the flow, forcing sudsy water to stay inside the machine.
Diagnosing a damaged or clogged drain pump requires professional attention. This is not a job you can do from the outside - meaning the technician will need to open your appliance. Never attempt to assess or repair this issue yourself.
Water Supply Issues
Problems with dirty water leaving the machine aren't the only issues to check for. Decreased water entering your washer can also reduce or stop the rinse cycle's effectiveness. If the water valves aren't completely open (both hot and cold) or the water supply hoses are bent, clogged, or damaged, your machine won't operate properly.
Without an adequate water supply, the appliance's ability to effectively remove soap and suds from the clothing, linens, or other fabric inside is at risk. Check the valves first, making sure they're both open. If they are, contact an appliance repair professional to look for, and repair, other water inlet issues.
Detergent Choice
Sometimes the problem isn't your washer. Using the wrong type or the wrong quantity of detergent can leave your wash sudsy and soggy.
High-efficiency (or HE) washers use less water than the traditional models, which makes them more efficient. But failure to use an HE detergent with an HE washer can result in soap-covered clothes. Likewise, failure to use the right concentration of HE detergent can also lead to a soapy issue.
Detergent choice can also affect appliance owners with non-HE washers. While adding extra detergent may seem like a way to remove stains or get your clothes extra-clean, it can actually cause rinsing problems. Without the right balance of detergent to water, your machine won't remove the suds completely.
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for type and quantity of detergent. If you're not sure where to find this information, ask a qualified professional service technician during your next appliance maintenance appointment.
Improper Loading
If there's nothing wrong with the machine mechanically, you can't find any clogs, and you're sure the detergent is the right kind (and in the right amount), you could simply be overloading the machine. Adding too many clothes at once can reduce the washer's ability to effectively rinse what's inside. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations for total capacity.
Is your washer failing to rinse properly? Contact Mountain Vista Appliance Repair for more information and help with repairs.