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Serving Reno, Incline Village
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Dependable Oven & Range Repair in Reno

Cooktop and Oven Repair
In nearly every case, investing in oven repair is less expensive and more convenient than opting for a replacement. If your appliance appears to be broken, it may be a hazard in addition to an inconvenience. Whether you are dealing with a range or convection oven in need of repair, Mountain Vista Appliance Repair can provide the services needed and restore your appliance to a functional condition. Some of the issues that most commonly plague ovens and ranges include the following:
  • Burned wire connection
  • Defective thermostat or switch
  • Clogged air circulation duct
  • Broken door seal
We Fix Stoves & Cooktops
Your stove likely needs professional service if it fails to heat or exhibits other problems. Your cooktop, similarly, should be serviced if you notice any signs of malfunction. Whether you have an electric stove or gas stove, ignoring problems can create an unnecessary risk and cause costly damage. Gas and electric units alike commonly face some of these issues:
  • Loose burner sockets
  • Element needs to be replaced
  • Heating coils are clogged
  • Faulty ignition switch
Serving Carson City, Incline Village & Surrounding Areas
Man cannot live on microwaves alone, but such a fate may seem inevitable if your oven or range has suddenly stopped working. Whether it doesn’t heat or turn on at all, the team at Mountain Vista Appliance Repair can identify the issue and offer a solution. We specialize in stovetop and oven repair for clients throughout Reno, Minden and surrounding areas. If you are in Incline Village or Carson City, you are also welcome to contact us. No other appliance repair service matches the expertise and professionalism our contractors bring to the job. Reach out to us at 775-851-2526 to schedule an appointment.